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We know our clients seek cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions to managing their properties and residences. We are qualified solar installers and specialise in fault finding and maintenance on existing installations

Switchboard Upgrades

In with the New and out with the old, ensure the safety of your family with switch protection on all of your electricity throughout your home. Increase safety and reduce your energy costs now because we know that old switchboards may be running up your bills.

LED Upgrades

Whether you have an old space that needs upgrading or a new space that you want to make attractive, our team specializes in LED upgrades and new installs to bring your commercial or office site to life.

Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations

A new kitchen or bathroom can be one of the most substantial changes to brighten up your home. Check out some of our smart and beautiful upgrades on instagram or our projects page and contact us now.

Electrical Audits

Compliance and Safety is the key to reducing risk and long term costs. Tess Electrics specialises in Electrical Audits for our clients and even provide you with an electronic report for your future reference  and as part of evaluating your home.

New Installations

Tess Electrics knows that planning and getting to know you is the key to finding the ideal solution for your energy management and electrical needs. We work with  you to achieve the ideal installation for you so you can build and grow with whatever your plans or add ons may be.

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Tess Electrics are a licensed security installer. We can easily install your cameras or cctv unit at your home. Whether it is changing the location, a new installation or an upgrade we are here to help. Ask about our Camera Solutions today.

Home Security

Home Security options include cameras, door controls, access control and effective lighting. Tess Electrics has smart, simple nd cost effective solutions for your Home Security needs. We are just a call away.


Alarms are a critical part of managing the safety and security of your home and may compliment not only your insurance but your home medical alarm needs. Ask Tess Electrics about an alarm system today.

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